David Barton on “Keys to Good Government: Part II”


“Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”  (John Jay, President of the Continental Congress and First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court)


Perilous Times in America

To quote from Paul’s second letter to Timothy (II Tim. 3:1), we are living in Perilous Times.  It has been led in Washington and in Richmond by Administrations that have been intent on passing laws and imposing regulations on us that violate our deeply held Judeo-Christian beliefs and enduring constitutional principles.

They have supported abortion and homosexuality; limited and even attacked religious and political freedoms; imposed higher taxes and greater debt on us and our children; fueled ethnic, racial, and “class” divisions and tensions; encouraged illegal immigration; and now even forced same-sex “marriage” on us against our vote and against our will.

What can we do to return America to its Godly heritage and foundations?

… and around the World

At the same time, the Obama administration appeared to be indifferent to the growing persecution of Christians by ruthless jihadists in Iraq and around the world; feckless in confronting Iran’s plans to build nuclear weapons; complicit in growing attacks on Israel’s sovereignty; and unwilling to secure our southern border.

What can we do to help restore liberty and security at home and abroad?

A Call for Godly Leaders

We are facing tough choices and asking hard questions.  In these early days of a new administration, a divided Congress, and a polarized people, how can we support and encourage a return to the Judeo-Christian values and enduring principles of our Founding Fathers?  What are the keys to a prosperous and self-governing nation and the return to a more stable world order?

For example, what did our Founders believe were necessary qualifications for holding public office?  Should a candidate’s religious beliefs and moral character be considered, or is that just a private matter?  What can we learn from the damaging impact that the expulsion of God from our public life has had on our legislatures, on our courts, and as a result, on our culture and on us?

David Barton on Keys to Good Government, Pt. II

To help answer those questions, we are again featuring David Barton in Part II of this focus on “The Keys to Good Government – According to Our Founding Fathers”, and our role in it today.

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