“I Do!” Secrets to a Sacred Covenant — for Life


This week is National Marriage Week and that naturally takes us again, as it does every year, to Valentine’s Day.  It’s a wonderfully romantic time of sharing with those we love and cherish most deeply and intimately – our marriage partners.  (Go to http://www.nationalmarriageweekusa.org for more information about “National Marriage Week”.)

Why Marry?

So what makes marriage so special?  Where does it fit into God’s plan for us and for our culture?  What does the Bible say about the “Purposes” of marriage?  There are at least eight of them, and they all begin with “P”!  And if it is so important, what are the secrets to a happy marriage?

The Causes and Costs of Broken Marriages

Also, what do we do when romance fades, reality hits, and our marriages show signs of fraying around the edges and even threaten to break down?  Does it matter that 50% of our marriages end in divorce?  How does that affect each partner, our children, the larger culture, and yes, even the economy?  For example, a recent study found that family fragmentation costs the Virginia taxpayer over $775 million each year?

In addition, what are the primary causes of broken marriage?  What role does pornography play?  And does it matter if two people live together in an intimate relationship outside of the marriage covenant?

Also, does it matter if those two people are of the same gender and demand that we recognize their relationship as a “marriage”?  And if we do, then can three or more people demand the same recognition for their “marriage”?

And finally, whose business is it anyway, as long as I am happy, I get what I want when I want it – and I don’t hurt anyone else in the process?

Our Guests

Our guests this weekend will be talking about the importance of marriage in a repeat performance of an outstanding interview about “I Do!” Secrets to a Sacred Covenant – for Life.

Karen Montgomery holds degrees in social work from UVA and Syracuse University.  She and her husband Greg been married for over 42 years and have four children.

Harvey Yoder is a pastor and counselor with the Family Life Resource Center in Harrisonburg.  He is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite University and Seminary.  He is also the author of Lasting Marriage:  The Owner’s Manual.  Harvey and his wife Alma Jean have been married for over 53 years and have three adult children.

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