Approximately 55 million unborn babies have been aborted in the U.S. since the U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1973 known as Roe v. Wade. That is over one million every year, representing approximately 22% of all pregnancies — some of which were within seconds of delivery (partial-birth abortions).



America’s divorce rate is the highest in the Western world. Forty percent of first-time marriages and 50% of all marriages in America now end in divorce: up from under 10% in 1960. Cohabitation before marriage is common, involving an estimated 50% of couples in America. In addition to becoming “optional” and “disposable”, marriage is now also becoming definable in the campaign to legalize so-called “marriages” between same-sex partners.


Children in the Family:

Approximately 40% of all babies are born outside of marriage, up from only 5% in 1960. As a result, 33% of our children are being raised in single-parent homes — up from only 9% in 1960. These children often suffer from lower academic achievement and higher rates of sexual abuse, STDs, drug dependency, crime, and poverty than those being raised in two-parent families.



This is a cancer in our society that causes an estimated 50% of divorces and leaves a trail of ruined men, exploited women, abused children, disease, crime, and often violent death.


Our Organization

We are deeply concerned about these threats to our values and to our families, and that is why we founded the Valley Family Forum in 2002.


We are a group of Valley residents who are committed to renewing the spiritual, moral, and cultural vision of our founding fathers. We are joining together to defend faith, family, and freedom in our homes and in our communities. We help fight for pro-family policies in the Valley, in Richmond, and in Washington DC. And together, we can make a difference — one voice, one person, one vote at a time.