Our Fight for Freedom: The Next Great Awakening?


This Weekend, May 19-21, on WAZT-TV

“A godless elite have taken over this country and are perverting, distorting, and poisoning the body politic. The problem is one of godlessness, unrighteousness, and immorality of every kind.”  (D. James Kennedy)

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The Great Awakenings

Brad Huddleston and I talked some time ago about America’s Godly Heritage – and Why It Matters.  We concluded, perhaps too optimistically, that we may be on the threshold of a Third Great Awakening in America.

Really?  What causes Great Awakenings?  What do they look like?  For example, was there a common theme – or themes – to the Great Awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries?  What fired the people up then for our national independence and for an end to slavery, respectively?

Do we see the glimmers of another Great Awakening taking place today?  If so, what are the key issues that are causing people to cry out today as they did in the two earlier Awakenings?  And if there is to be one, who will lead it, and how many will it take to ignite such a movement?

The Cry for Freedom?

Might it be that our cause today is similar to the cause of freedom that inspired the past Awakenings?

Could it be that the “regressive” forces of secularism have gone too far and are re-awakening the sleeping forces of freedom?  Is it the cause of liberty again, particularly that of religious liberty?

Finally, if we are indeed on the threshold of another Great Awakening, where does the Valley Family Forum fit in, and what can we do to help preserve and renew the Biblical values and the enduring Constitutional principles of our precious heritage?

Those are some of the questions Brad and I will be discussing as we talk about The Next Great Awakening in Our Fight for Freedom.  Brad is a Valley resident, internationally known speaker, evangelist, and now the author of two recent books called:  The Dark Side of Technology:  Restoring Balance in the Digital Age and Digital Cocaine:  A Journey Toward iBalance.

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