The Family Forum is led by a director, task force coordinators, pastors and business advisory councils, and a growing network of Valley families, working together to promote to promote the following basic principles:


1) Sanctity of Life: We believe that all life is sacred, for the born and unborn. Abortion is America’s holocaust, and Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

2) Sanctity of Marriage: We believe the two-parent family provides the best security for children. Marriage is a unique relationship between a man and a woman, and deserves every encouragement as the basic building block of our society.

3) Education and School Choice: We support the effort to achieve better results in the public schools. In addition, parents who choose a private or home school option for their children should be eligible for tax credits or scholarship assistance.

4) Freedom of Religious Expression: We believe everyone has a constitutional right to express his/her faith at any time and place without fear of censorship. This includes a student’s right to pray and to speak with others about his/her faith.

5) High Standards of Decency: We believe families deserve support in their efforts to protect their children from pornographic material. We will work with schools, libraries, and businesses to help monitor and control such materials, including on the Internet.

6) Church and Community Outreach: We believe every church is called to be a city on a hill and has a God-given responsibility to use its influence in the public arena. We will work with pastors and lay leaders to inform and mobilize our community on policies that affect faith, family, and freedom.

If you would like more information about the Forum and how you can participate, call 438-8966 or e-mail