Nehemiah Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem Nehemiah 4:16-18

For our second Model, we look to the Thirteen-Step Nehemiah Plan to rebuild the broken down walls of America and return it to our founding vision as a Shining City on a Hill.  Like Nehemiah, we too must:

1.  Prepare (Ezra 7:10): 

“He prepared his heart to seek the law of God and to do it!”

2.  Pray (Neh. 1:4, 11): 

“I wept, mourned, fasted, and prayed before God.”  (II Chron. 7:14)

3.  Petition/Purpose (2:5): 

“Send me to Judah, that I may rebuild the city of my fathers.”

4.  Plan (2:12-15): 

“I took a few men and went by night to view the walls of Jerusalem.

5.  Proceed (2:17-18): 

“Come, let us build up the wall.  And they set their hands to work.”

6.  Participate (Ch. 3): 

“The priests, the rulers, the Levites, the merchants all pitched in.”

7.  Passion (4:6): 

“So built we the wall, for the people had a mind to work!”

8.  Protect (4:14-21): 

“Fight for your families and your homes.  Put on your swords.

9.  Purify (5:7): 

“I rebuked the nobles and rulers for abusing the people.”  (Lk. 11:46)

10.  Pattern (5:14-18): 

“I and my brothers did not eat the governor’s bread or buy land.”  (Phil. 3:17)

11.  Persist (6:3, 11): 

“Why should I stop work to listen to your lies or to hide from you?” (Lk. 9:62)

12. Prevail (6:15):  

“The work was finished in 52 days!”

13. Party/Praise (8:12): 

“The people prayed, feasted, worshipped, and celebrated before God.”