The Grand Finale with Rafael Cruz, Part 3


This Weekend, March 31 – April 2, on WAZT
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It’s the Grand Finale!

Please join us again this weekend for the final edition of this three-part series from the Forum’s 14th annual Celebration of God and Country dinner that drew over 500 guests to the James Madison University campus last year.

Even if you were there, you will want to revive and savor the memories of that special program featuring an outstanding presentation from Rev. Rafael Cruz — a Christian patriot who personifies the American Dream.

In Review:  Cruz Who?

Rev. Cruz was born in Cuba under an oppressive dictator but was able to come to America in 1957.  He later founded Grace for America, encouraging Christians to become involved in the political process and sharing his love for God, for America, and for Liberty with people across the country.

His son is Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate, who as a boy often heard his father say:  “When we faced oppression in Cuba, I had a place to flee to.  If we lose our freedom here, where do we go?”

That is why Rev. Cruz is so passionate about returning America to the Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional principles on which it was founded and which have made it such an exceptional country.

Parts I and II:  “Toxic Viruses and Common Excuses”

By way of further background, in Part I of this series Rev. Cruz confronted some of the toxic viruses that are infecting our culture and damaging our country.

They included “Secular Humanism”, misleading ideas about “Social Justice”, a false understanding of “Separation of Church and State”, and growing attacks by the federal government, including the activist Courts, on our values and on freedoms.

In Part II, which aired last week, Cruz challenged pastors to avoid the excuses that pastors sometimes offer for not getting involved in “politics”.  These include the claim that they are only called to “preach the gospel”.  Or it’s because “You can’t legislate morality.”  Or maybe because “Politics is a messy business”, and we shouldn’t become involved.

In response, he urged the church to engage the world as Salt and Light.  He noted that when we refuse to get involved, we abandon the arena to others who don’t know God – with predictable and tragic consequences.

He particularly encouraged Christians to get informed and to vote, because not to act is to act, and not to vote is to vote.  He even provided specific Biblical guidance on what kind of person to vote for!

Part III:  Christians and Politics

Now, we come to this Grand Finale, in which Rev. Cruz challenges pastors to preach boldly on current issues, and to be Biblically correct rather than politically correct.

He encourages them to follow the example of colonial pastors like John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg from Woodstock who weren’t afraid to speak out on controversial issues and even put their lives on the line in the fight for freedom.

Finally, Cruz emphasizes the importance of electing good leaders who will fight for laws that support high moral standards, and lays out five action steps for getting involved.  He then calls on the entire audience to stand and take a personal pledge to help restore America to its Judeo-Christian foundations, just as signers of the Declaration of Independence did in 1776.

As an added bonus to the program, Deputy Director Rita Dunaway presents the Forum’s annual Daniel Award to a great organization that is committed to defending our religious liberties from the ravenous wolves in our culture.

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