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The Valley is a special place. Our fundamental values are based on the Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional principles on which America was founded and has prospered.

Values Under Fire

However, those strong values and principles that make the Valley and our country so special are at risk. There is a sustained effort to devalue human life, redefine family values and standards of decency, undermine marriage and parental authority, and remove expressions of faith from the public arena.

It is what Focus on the Family Founder Dr. James Dobson has referred to as the “Great Civil War of Values” in America.  You can find out more on the “About” page of this site.

Turning the Tide

Needless to say, we are deeply concerned about these threats to our values and to our families. We want to help turn the tide, but we often feel alone. That is why we founded the Valley Family Forum in 2002.

We are a group of Valley residents who are committed to renewing the spiritual, moral, cultural, and public policy visions of our founding fathers. We are joining together now to defend life, faith, family, and freedom in our homes and in our communities.

To that end, we fight for pro-family policies in the Valley, in Richmond, and in Washington DC. And together, we can make a difference — one voice, one person, one vote at a time. We won’t give up, we won’t give in, and we won’t quit until we win!

Join The Action

We invite you to join us by signing up for the free E-Mail alerts, by participating in the range of programs and activities listed on the “Events” page, and by asking your family, your friends, your church, and everyone else you know to join the action.

Once again, welcome to the Forum, and we look forward to partnering with you for God, for Country, for Family, and for Freedom.


For God and Country,

Dean Welty


“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.”  Ps. 127:1

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